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Ever wish you had an amazing + supportive business bestie that understood not only your business but also the industry? Someone that can tell you which photo would work best on LinkedIn, what would make a great cover photo for your next program, and help plan your content for the quarter? If you're ready to show off those glute gainz without being hit on then it's time to....

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I met my husband in 2010 and started weight training with him in 2011. Prior to that I'd stuck with conditioning style training I learned playing organized basketball. Having experience as an athlete gives me a unique perspective when it comes to helping clients.



In 2019 we became a family of 3 through domestic infant adoption. Our son is an absolute joy! We are currently in the home study process to adopt again. 



My college major was print journalism, I took up photojournalism  to diversify myself to a publication. Working as a ghost writer for a fitness branding agency  taught me how to create online PDF programs for clients, which photos work great for magazine features and ads. 



When there's an option between Disney and something else, my answer is always Disney.  When we lived in Florida we were annual passholders to both Disney World and Universal Studios. Like Disney, it's all about the experience. Clients should feel like they've had an amazing experience when working with you.


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